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Have You Heard of Garden Windows? Here’s Everything You Need to Know!

Garden Window Interior View

Are you a nature lover? Do you enjoy bringing the outdoors inside? If you said yes, we have the perfect solution for you—garden windows! These windows let you have your own small garden right inside your house. But what exactly are garden windows? Well, let’s dive in and find out.


A garden window is a small projection window that extends out from a room’s main wall. It is similar to a bay window but smaller in size. The window is designed to bring in maximum natural light and give your room the look and feel of being outdoors. An added benefit is you can grow plants in a dedicated space with full sunlight indoors. The top and sides are made of glass, allowing much more sunlight to enter the house than traditional windows. These windows are commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms but can be installed anywhere in the house.


Garden windows are an excellent choice for anyone looking to maximize their indoor space and create a garden indoors. They are perfect for homes with limited outdoor space or those who want a garden all year round. You can easily grow herbs, flowers, and even small veggies inside the house with a garden window. The window provides the perfect amount of light, warmth, and humidity for the plants to grow.


If you want to add a touch of nature to your home, look no further! Garden windows are the perfect way to do just that. They provide a beautiful view, add character to your home, and is sure to increase its value.

How Do You Replace Octagon Windows?

Wood Octagon Window with Obscure Glass

Octagon windows are a shining star in the world of accent windows. They are unique in style and function but like anything else, they may need to be updated. If your wood octagon window has experienced some sort of decay, you should replace it to avoid further damage to the wall.

To help keep costs down, explore all of your options for replacing the window. Research different window manufacturers to find a trustworthy supplier with fair prices. Be sure to also consider shipping costs, if any, in your totals. Keep in mind that different types of glass (and other clear materials) are available at various price points.
However, remember that your home’s windows are an investment, and ultimately you get what you pay for.

Installing the New Window

For the installation, you have two options: hiring a professional or doing it yourself. The main benefit of hiring a professional is that you can rest assured the window will be installed correctly without leaks that increase your energy bills. However, if it’s more important to you to save money upfront, you can always tackle the project yourself.

New replacement windows will have installation instructions to guide you through the installation process. There are also many resources online for tips on how to make the process of removal and installation go smoothly. Take the time to research what tools you will need and what replacement materials will be required before beginning the job. This will help with budgeting cost and time spent to complete your project.

Why Purchase An Accent Window From Fixhome Reason 3

Premium Quality Finish Options. offers an array of pre-finish for its accent windows and transition windows.  Pre-finish options on wood and poly urethane window frames allows you to tailor the window to match the motif of your home to bring out the best highlights.  

Poly Town Light Colors

For our Poly frame windows, you can choose from 4 standard colors: White, Bronze, Sand and Black.  We use a tough and durable Polane by Sherwin Williams, that will give decades of protection with its renowned polyurethane shield.  You can also order this units with a primed interior, to make the units ready for a custom paint.  That way you can dial in your décor to be exactly what you want.  

Our competitors with vinyl windows just cannot match this range of options.  

Indeed, if you try to do dark colors such as black in hot and sunny applications, the result could be a melted window frame due to solar flux.  Our polyurethane frames just do not have that problem. 

You can also get pre-finish primer on our traditional wood octagon windows as well.  You can select a white primer for light color paints or grey primer for a dark color paints depending on your plans.  You can chose to prime the exterior only or the entire unit.  You decide; it is your home.   

For accent windows, look to to give you a wide range of prefinish options that give your home “your” look.