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    News — decorative windows

    Decorative Windows: Form and Function

    decorative windows add interesting element to your home design

    window that opens to add ventilation

    Are you looking to replace your old windows, or illuminate a room in your home with an additional window?

    Add a stylistic touch to any space in your home with a decorative window. Decorative windows add value to your home through both form and function, bringing architectural detail while also allowing in light. FixHome offers stationary custom decorative windows in oval, round, octagon, and tall octagon shapes. These unique window shapes are also available in venting, a great option if you want to open them up for ventilation in your home.

    oval and tall octagon custom decorative windows add unique style to your home

    Install a round window to your gable roof or dormer window to break up the monotonous exterior of your home, and bring air flow to the interior. If your home has high ceilings, an octagon window installed as a skylight will add height and offer view of the sky and trees.

    Oval windows add charm and support a traditional sense of style, while the angular octagon windows feel modern and geometric. Bring in an interesting window to add a decorative accent to any room, or use the window as the focal point.

    Obscure, interesting window styles bring visual detail while also making your space feel large and open. With FixHome's custom windows, the possibilities are endless. Whether you want a decorative window to match your unique style, or something to fit into the architectural style of your home, FixHome will have a window for you.