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Why Purchase An Accent Window From Fixhome Reason 3

Premium Quality Finish Options. offers an array of pre-finish for its accent windows and transition windows.  Pre-finish options on wood and poly urethane window frames allows you to tailor the window to match the motif of your home to bring out the best highlights.  

Poly Town Light Colors

For our Poly frame windows, you can choose from 4 standard colors: White, Bronze, Sand and Black.  We use a tough and durable Polane by Sherwin Williams, that will give decades of protection with its renowned polyurethane shield.  You can also order this units with a primed interior, to make the units ready for a custom paint.  That way you can dial in your décor to be exactly what you want.  

Our competitors with vinyl windows just cannot match this range of options.  

Indeed, if you try to do dark colors such as black in hot and sunny applications, the result could be a melted window frame due to solar flux.  Our polyurethane frames just do not have that problem. 

You can also get pre-finish primer on our traditional wood octagon windows as well.  You can select a white primer for light color paints or grey primer for a dark color paints depending on your plans.  You can chose to prime the exterior only or the entire unit.  You decide; it is your home.   

For accent windows, look to to give you a wide range of prefinish options that give your home “your” look.  

Why Purchase An Accent Window from Fixhome Reason 1

Full Depth Jamb

Full Jamb vs.Short Jamb

Accent windows, by design, have a more complex geometry than standard windows.  This gives character and highlights to a home, both inside and out.  However, the installer may have some difficulty finishing out the window for the interior side of the wall.   

Therefore, an octagon window jamb extension required by most of our competitors will cause the installer to use more complex miters, miter fastening, or bending to finish out the project. This will cost time, money and frustration.  That is why most of our models have a full jamb, already deep enough to fit the standard wall. Our typical competitors just don’t put that extra into their windows, leaving the installer to miter, or bend, or whatever they figure out, to finish out the install.

In the rare cases where our windowsClamp Nail Jamb Fastener do have a shortened jamb, we have a full line of jamb extensions that can be readily added to finish out the window.  All you need to do is just check out our accessories page. Good luck finding that through your big box store! In addition, our wood jambs are joined by an exclusive steel shank that holds the miters together.   

 And as you can see, our wood is a ponderosa pine, graded No 1 Sash Cuttings by the WWPA. This makes our interiors suitable for either stain or paint as desired by the owner. Plus, our jamb stock is also treated with Woodlife 111 to improve moisture stability and extend life without compromising the natural wood beauty or stainability.  That is just something that a vinyl window cannot give. 


Interior View Of Octagon Jamb




 The OCTAGON WINDOW JAMB - Just one of the advantages of purchasing an accent window or transition window from 


Decorative Windows: Form and Function

decorative windows add interesting element to your home design

window that opens to add ventilation

Are you looking to replace your old windows, or illuminate a room in your home with an additional window?

Add a stylistic touch to any space in your home with a decorative window. Decorative windows add value to your home through both form and function, bringing architectural detail while also allowing in light. Fixhome offers stationary custom decorative windows in oval, round, octagon, and tall octagon shapes. These unique window shapes are also available in venting, a great option if you want to open them up for ventilation in your home.

oval and tall octagon custom decorative windows add unique style to your home

Install a round window to your gable roof or dormer window to break up the monotonous exterior of your home, and bring air flow to the interior. If your home has high ceilings, an octagon window installed as a skylight will add height and offer view of the sky and trees.

Oval windows add charm and support a traditional sense of style, while the angular octagon windows feel modern and geometric. Bring in an interesting window to add a decorative accent to any room, or use the window as the focal point.

Obscure, interesting window styles bring visual detail while also making your space feel large and open. With Fixhome's custom windows, the possibilities are endless. Whether you want a decorative window to match your unique style, or something to fit into the architectural style of your home, Fixhome will have a window for you.