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Fasteners for Fixhome Standard Profile Non Surround Grilles

Fixhome offers several mechanical fasteners for our Standard Profile non surround wood grille bars. The following 2 are made of clear polycarbonate and work with all standard grille bar profiles. 



Star Wars Push Pins with wood bars


The fastener used on Fixhome wood grilles is the Slide Pin. This fastener has grips on the sides. There are 2 sizes of Slide Pins for Standard Profile grilles:



 Dual Lock Adhesive
    Another type of grille fastener is an adhesive backed fastener called Dual Lock. This fastener, produced by 3M, is a low profile product that attaches the grille directly to the glass. Dual Lock interlocks face to face with itself so application is easy. Dual Lock can be detached from it's mating partner to remove the grille for cleaning and then reattached. Dual Lock works well with white or light colored grilles.

    Using Dual Lock with dark stained or dark painted bars is not recommended.   


    Fasteners for Fixhome Low Profile Non Surround Grilles

    S2-Pine and S-Vinyl bars with LCS-028C Star Wars Pins

    Fixhome offers 2 types of fasteners for Low-Profile grille bars, 1 mechanical fastener and Dual Lock adhesive. Low Profile bars are used when slide by clearance is an issue such as vinyl double hung & vinyl glider windows.

    For wood windows we offer 1 clear poly carbonate fastener that will work with both wood and vinyl low profile bars.

    • LCS-028C for use with S2-Pine and S-Vinyl bars 


     Wood and Vinyl bars recessed for Dual LockFor vinyl (or wood) where push pins are not an option we offer Dual Lock Adhesive.

    When Dual Lock is used we recesses the back of the bars with a small pocket at the ends to keep the profile as low as possible. This provides a small footprint on the glass while maintaining maximum hold.


    Fasteners for Fixhome Full Surround Grilles

    Most full surround grilles require a push pin type of fastener. Fixhome offers a clear plastic push pin that is approximately 1" in length and allows the grille to be easily removed and reattached.

    Full Surround Push Pin in a surround bar


    Fixhome Full Surround Grilles have a minimum of 4 pins for a secure hold. A 7/32" diameter hole is drilled in the surround and a sleeve (grommet) is pressed in to extend the life of the wood during removal and re-installation.

    • LCS-017 push pin for use with full surround grilles
    • LCS-016 grommet for use with full surround push pins



    Stainless Steel Concealed Clip

    Another less common full surround grille fastener is the Stainless Steel Concealed Clip. This fastener is pressed into the edge of the window at the glass and the grille surround, having a receiving groove around the edge, snaps into the clip making the fastener hidden. Fixhome full surround grilles are not currently using this type of fastener however they are available to purchase in the Grille Fastener collection. 



    Bronze Wrap Around Clip

    The Wrap Around Clip is another mechanical fastener but is limited to one bar profile. It is made from roll form aluminum and only works with Standard Profile "M" pine (5/8" x 7/16) grille bar. It is available in white or bronze (pictured).


    All of the above fasteners and more are available in our Grille Fastener collection.