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    Millwork supplies

    Millwork Supplies

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    Newer vinyl or aluminum windows typically include a nail flange, otherwise called a nailing fin that can be either integrated into the window frame or it can be a separate part that is inserted into a slot (AKA kerf) either on the side or front of the window. Nailing fin holds the window in place and help to make it waterproof and airtight. The most common application is on the side where the kerf is set back about 1” from the face of the frame and the nail fin then lays on the exterior sheathing so that the siding or stucco can go over top of it. This flange is almost always used when the window is going into a new opening, but it is also used frequently in replacement applications.  

    Fixhome offers several types of rigid and hinged vinyl nailing fin for many applications. The most popular nail fin is our PP107 rigid nailing fin. It has a ¼" offset and fits a 0.078” wide kerf. There are two types of hinged nail fin. PP1219 is a side hinged nailing fin and PP1249 is a front hinged nailing fin and both fit the same 0.078” wide kerf. Nailing fin is available in varying quantities to ensure you get just the right amount for your project.  

    Door transport parts assist in maintaining quality materials during transport to job sites. Prehung doors should be secured to their jambs to avoid damage while being transported. Now you can keep the door held securely in place with a screw turn door twist plug. If your door frame has a side light use side light transport plug.