The term "Profile" refers to the shape of the bar used to create a window grille. We offer a variety of profiles to give you options on how you want the grilles to look in your windows. You can choose a minimal or bold look, the choice is yours. 

Basic profile grilles:

This simple profile can be used in most any wood window where slide-by-clearance is not an issue. The Basic Profile Grille offers 1 bar profile; M-Pine (7/16" x 5/8") and one fastener; (LCS-034 Anvil Pin).

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M-Pine Grille Bar Profile With Inset DrawingM-Pine Bar Natural Finish Anvil Pin Extended

Standard profile grilles:

Should be used where slide-by clearance is not an issue. Examples include wood double hung, casement windows, and wood patio doors. Images show inside view. 

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L-Pine Grille Bar Profile With Inset DrawingO-Pine Grille Bar Profile With Inset Drawing
N-Pine Grille Bar Profile With Inset DrawingS3-Pine Grille Bar Profile With Inset Drawing

Low profile grilles:

Should be used where slide-by clearance is an issue. Examples include vinyl double hung, glider/slider windows, and vinyl patio doors. Our lowest profile is 5/16" tall so your window must have a minimum of 3/8" clearance. Images show inside view.


S-Vinyl Grille Bar Profile With Inset DrawingS2-Pine Grille Bar Profile With Inset Drawing

Premium profile grilles:

Choose the Premium Grille profile if you have windows from the Marvin Integrity line, or if you're looking for an incomparable finished look for your windows. Premium profile grilles feature an invisible fastener system with stylized cope cuts or square end cut with a push pin.

  • X1-Pine - 1/2" x 7/8"

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Premium pine bar with Coped end and Concealed Clip    X1-Pine with push pinX1-Pine Bar with dimensions

Full Surround bar profile information:

  • D-Surround - 3/8" x 9/16"

  • J-2 Surround - 1/2" x 9/16"

  • K-Surround - 1/2" x 9/16"

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Surround Profiles D, J, K

Window grille features:

  • Pine or oak wood species are unfinished ready to paint or stain
  • Vinyl bar is white semi-gloss finish
  • Fasteners are included with all grilles
  • Custom cut to fit your dimensions
  • Seven profiles to choose from
  • Bottom of profiles fit against the glass

If you have any questions about which profile is right for you, contact us!