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    Why Purchase an Accent Window from Fixhome Reason 4

    Made In The USA Is More Than A Slogan

    Look to for your next accent window, where Made in USA is more than a slogan.  Many times you see “Made in the USA” as a slogan, where it is just window dressing used to drive sales.  That is not the case for us at  Since new ownership took over in 2012, we deliberately moved all sourcing and manufacturing to the United States.  It was a 5 year journey; it was an expensive journey; and it is a journey we are not sorry for taking. 

     Made In USA

    The result is, when you purchase from, you are doing business across small towns all over this country.  We moved our sourcing to small towns in Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Oregon.  The majority of our components  for our line of accent windows come from small companies in these small towns, not big multinationals.  We ourselves are a small company in a small town.   

    Madras Oregon Sign

    And, these small towns and small companies are vital to our nation, states and communities.  We have all seen how the changes of the past 30 years have hollowed out our countryside.  So, we believe that it is for America’s common good to source and manufacture here.  Each community needs the vitality that small business adds.  These businesses add jobs that support the local families and they help sustain those communities with property taxes, payroll taxes and sales taxes which fund public schools, county services and local economic development.  These small companies also engage to directly volunteer in their communities and support local charities with direct giving. 

    Bloomer WI Sign





    Nothing against our competitors, but the persons and companies in foreign lands are just not doing those things.  Nor, do those folks pay into our social safety nets such as Social Security, Medicare and Unemployment Insurances.  No, they work to the benefit of themselves and their communities, which is as they should.  And, we believe we should do the same for ours. 

    Elk River Sign

    So, when you purchase an accent window, transition window, window grid or even our large garden window through, those dollars are going to small communities across this wonderful country of ours.   When you purchase from, then “Made in the USA” really does become more than a slogan. 

    Why Purchase An Accent Window From Fixhome Reason 3

    Premium Quality Finish Options. offers an array of pre-finish for its accent windows and transition windows.  Pre-finish options on wood and poly urethane window frames allows you to tailor the window to match the motif of your home to bring out the best highlights.  

    Poly Town Light Colors

    For our Poly frame windows, you can choose from 4 standard colors: White, Bronze, Sand and Black.  We use a tough and durable Polane by Sherwin Williams, that will give decades of protection with its renowned polyurethane shield.  You can also order this units with a primed interior, to make the units ready for a custom paint.  That way you can dial in your décor to be exactly what you want.  

    Our competitors with vinyl windows just cannot match this range of options.  

    Indeed, if you try to do dark colors such as black in hot and sunny applications, the result could be a melted window frame due to solar flux.  Our polyurethane frames just do not have that problem. 

    You can also get pre-finish primer on our traditional wood octagon windows as well.  You can select a white primer for light color paints or grey primer for a dark color paints depending on your plans.  You can chose to prime the exterior only or the entire unit.  You decide; it is your home.   

    For accent windows, look to to give you a wide range of prefinish options that give your home “your” look.  

    Why Purchase An Accent Window from Fixhome Reason 2

    Poly Frame Is Impenetrable By Weather. 

    Seamless Poly Frame

    When you look for an accent window or transition window to give you home that little something extra, you should consider the low maintenance Poly-framed windows from 

    Our polyurethane frames are a fantastic weatherproof exterior against the elements.  Our frames will not rot, crack, nor warp in heat, cold, wet or dry.  Our frames are a single piece, solid molding.  Our corners are seamless and do not allow for any discontinuity for moisture to penetrate nor crevices for bugs and mildew.   

    Most of our competitors use a hollow vinyl extrusion, which needs to be welded – making for unsightly welds and/or open cracks where moisture can penetrate as well as a place where pests can nest. The exterior glaze is typically a flimsy snap in plastic flange that requires weep holes in the bottom to allow water to drain.  These weep holes testify that of the lack of water tightness in the exterior of the frame.  Ask yourself, how many times you have seen black messy stream out of weep holes on vinyl windows only a few years old? 

    Vinyl Mitre

    Since our poly frames are one solid piece, with no clip-in stops nor weep holes, they are resistant to insects, vermin, moisture, mold and fungus. And, our prefinished colors are a tough, high quality, all weather Polane by Sherwin Williams, which we offer in 4 standard colors – Bronze, Sand, Black and White.  Plus, if you would like to apply your own custom color, you can easily do so by ordering our frame in prime painted version.  The window will arrive ready for you to apply your own exterior grade coating.   

    In contrast, vinyl is always a tricky material to paint, even with new modern paints designed for the purpose.  In fact, Black and Bronze are especially tricky colors to use on vinyl in many conditions because it may cause the vinyl to melt from the solar heat flux.  Just another factor to consider when choosing a decorative window for you home. 

    Therefore, offers an outstanding choice for a near No Maintenance window for your home.  Check out our numerous styles and sizes – octagon window, elongated octagon window, round window and oval window selections. 

    Why Purchase An Accent Window from Fixhome Reason 1

    Full Depth Jamb

    Full Jamb vs.Short Jamb

    Accent windows, by design, have a more complex geometry than standard windows.  This gives character and highlights to a home, both inside and out.  However, the installer may have some difficulty finishing out the window for the interior side of the wall.   

    Therefore, an octagon window jamb extension required by most of our competitors will cause the installer to use more complex miters, miter fastening, or bending to finish out the project. This will cost time, money and frustration.  That is why most of our models have a full jamb, already deep enough to fit the standard wall. Our typical competitors just don’t put that extra into their windows, leaving the installer to miter, or bend, or whatever they figure out, to finish out the install.

    In the rare cases where our windowsClamp Nail Jamb Fastener do have a shortened jamb, we have a full line of jamb extensions that can be readily added to finish out the window.  All you need to do is just check out our accessories page. Good luck finding that through your big box store! In addition, our wood jambs are joined by an exclusive steel shank that holds the miters together.   

     And as you can see, our wood is a ponderosa pine, graded No 1 Sash Cuttings by the WWPA. This makes our interiors suitable for either stain or paint as desired by the owner. Plus, our jamb stock is also treated with Woodlife 111 to improve moisture stability and extend life without compromising the natural wood beauty or stainability.  That is just something that a vinyl window cannot give. 


    Interior View Of Octagon Jamb




     The OCTAGON WINDOW JAMB - Just one of the advantages of purchasing an accent window or transition window from 


    How to Dress a Window without Drapes or Blinds

    Kitchen Window with grilles & shelves

    Drapes and blinds are tried-and-true window decorations that work well with many home interiors. However, sometimes you’d rather not hide the view and let the windows themselves act as a defining design element. When it comes to adding character to your windows, you have options. Here are six popular window dressings for home interiors:

    1. Sophisticated Moldings and Casings--These design flourishes give your windows a classic allure without obstructing the view.

    2. Shelving--A popular trend with some homeowners is to install shelving along their windows. This allows you to have more storage space without feeling too boxed in.

    3. Window Grilles--Grilles create an attractive colonial or diamond pattern on the panes with minimal obstruction of the view.

    4. Layered Windows--If you want to decorate your walls without blocking the natural light, try layering your windows with mirrors or paintings. A layered window creates a personalized decorative feel while preserving the sense of openness that sunlight creates.

    5. Black or Dark Green Sashes--Your window’s sashes are the parts that hold the glass in place. By painting the sashes black or dark green, you transform your windows into bold yet elegant frames displaying the view to the outdoors like a work of art.

    6. Interior Hinged Shutters--Hinged shutters provide several benefits while highlighting your decor. They can offer privacy and help to control light. Shutters add value to your home while saving energy costs by adding a measure of insulation.