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    Window Mullions vs. Window Muntins: What is the Difference?

    Entrances to townhome apartments

    Many homeowners confuse window mullions for window muntins and vice versa. Even contractors and remodelers are often confused. However, what are they exactly, and how can you tell them apart?

    In essence, both mullions and muntins create decorative window grids -- though often they also serve practical, structural purposes as well. A mullion is a vertical bar that separates complete window units. Modern mullions for home windows are typically made of wood or metal, but not always. While their main purpose is to create an aesthetic divide within the window, they may also provide support for an arch.

    Muntins are very similar but different. Historically, the term “muntin” could be applied to any vertical divider, whether for a window, door, or furniture. Nowadays, you mostly hear it about windows. Builders originally employed muntins to ensure their windows were structurally sound while separating the glass and holding it in place. Unlike mullions, which divide window units, muntins divide individual panes of glass. Muntins came about because it was more affordable to produce small glass panes; while that is no longer the case, they still add character and support to your exterior.

    Are you still confused about the difference between window mullions and muntins? Talk to the team at Fixhome to learn more about these components and all other window parts.

    What is a Window Sash?

    Wide panorama of unfurnished dining room with windows

    Every window that moves has a sash; it is the frame that holds the window’s glass in place, as well as other parts like the mullions or muntins. Some windows may even have more than one sash, depending on how they are designed. Overall, sashes play an essential role in ensuring your windows function properly and look great as they do so.

    Each sash is made up of several parts. In older models, sashes can typically be disassembled into their different components. However, newer models are more likely to be completely sealed for better insulation. For example, PVC window frames are welded together, and custom window grilles are often sealed behind the glass.

    While all moving windows have sashes, the style of sash varies based on the style of window. For instance, with double-hung windows, you will find one sash positioned above a lower sash. This lower sash is typically the one that moves up and down, although both sashes move in some modern double-hung windows. With casement windows, the sash is “open” to help funnel breezes into your rooms. You can learn more about the different types of window sashes available and their feature by talking to the team at Fixhome today.

    Get custom window grilles and any other window components you need from Fixhome. We offer everything you need for truly custom home windows.

    Improve How Your Home Looks with Window Grille Inserts

    15 Light Premium Grilles

    Imagine you are in the last stages of remodeling your favorite room. The flooring and walls are perfect. You got a great deal on the furniture, and the layouts are finished. Everything is where it should be, but it feels like something is missing. As you scan the room, your eyes instinctively turn to the windows. They provide a spectacular view, and yet--they appear bare.

    Investing in the details can lead to a big payout for your interior design. While you can decorate walls with posters and photos, it is also helpful to view your windows as works of art, too. That is where window grille inserts come in.

    Historically, grille inserts kept sheets of glass together to make windows. This was centuries ago, and glass manufacturing has come a long way since then. Glass windows are bigger and stronger than before. Now, homeowners utilize window grille inserts as a way to spruce up a room’s interior design.

    One reason that you might want to invest in a grille insert is for aesthetic appeal. Grille inserts elevate the visual impact of your windows, giving your home a distinct ambiance from the inside and out. Another reason includes HOA requirements. Homeowners’ associations may require its members to adhere to architectural standards, and adding grilles to windows can satisfy these requirements.

    Manufacturers offer decorative window grids and inserts in different styles and materials, giving more options for your next project. Therefore, the next time you are admiring your home and are wondering what else you can do with it, take a look out the window.

    Window grilles inserts add a decorative flair to your home. Follow our blog for the latest interior design and remodeling tips.

    Welcome to Our Blog for Decorative Window Grilles and Remodeling Accessories

    Window grilles in a clean bathroom window

    Remodeling is fun. It is your opportunity to change the look and feel of your home, while also increasing its value. Of course, these types of projects also come with challenges. Sometimes, you may be unfamiliar with the steps to a window project. Alternatively, maybe you need some inspiration to make your interior design stand out. In any case, we are here to help you get the most out of your projects.

    At Fixhome, we know that the details matter. As a supplier of window grilles and remodeling accessories, we are on a mission to help contractors and do-it-yourselfers add those little accents that leave a big impression. On this blog, you will find a wealth of information related to windows and home remodeling.

    Decorative window grilles add a decorative flair to your interior design. Here, you will find inspiration and tips to explore your remodeling options and personalize your favorite spaces. We will feature articles that discuss the advantages of different grille styles, as well as some useful installation pointers to make your next project successful. You may even discover special features that allow you to approach your plans in new and exciting ways.

    Whether you are sprucing up your new home or want to steer your interior design in a new direction, starting with the windows is always a good idea. Thanks for finding us, and be sure to check back frequently for the latest in remodeling and home improvement advice.

    Window grilles are a great way to improve your interior design. Follow our blog for remodeling and home improvement advice.

    Spring Renovation Tips For Your Home

    Spring Renovation Tips For Your Home

    Window treatments

    The obvious solutions are drapes, curtains and wood blinds. They can give each room a new personality and a fresh look from both inside and out. Other great options that are easy and very affordable are window grilles.

    Painting projects

    The hot color for 2019 according to Pantone, the color expert for designers, is coral. If coral is not your jam there are many other great colors and color combinations that will help make a statement for any room, or for your whole house. Other color options can include your new window grilles, which can be stained or painted to match your décor.

    Spring cleaning

    Your windows have mostly collected a lot of dirt and grime from the outside winter weather. But if your house has been closed up all winter, like 70% of the US, there is a fair amount of grime collected on the inside as well from cooking, candles, forced air furnace and the fireplace. Window grilles, while adding value and extra personality, are easy to remove and reinstall for window cleaning.

    Get your bike ready, start new landscape and yard projects

    Now that you have worked hard getting your home in shape for spring, don’t forget to get outside and have fun. Clean that bike chain, and start digging in the garden. Then come back inside and enjoy your fresh, clean house.