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    Octagon Windows Are Distinctive Accent Windows that You Can Add to Your Home

    octagon window

    Upgrade your home with beautiful octagon windows. When you want to add a distinctive look to your home, these lovely windows are an ideal choice. These stylish windows add light and style to any room in your home.

    Octagon windows are considered specialty windows and are often used in the design of high-end, custom homes. This historical style has been making a comeback because of the beauty they add to any room. Homeowners often choose standard octagons for kitchens and baths to add an air of elegance as well as additional light. Tall or elongated octagons are ideal for living, dining, and bedrooms as they add a distinctive flair compared to the old standby -- rectangular windows. Tall octagons also look lovely flanking a front door. Octagon windows are available with different glass options, including clear insulated, lead tape and obscured. The obscured glass provides the benefit of light while still providing privacy. This makes it an excellent choice for bathrooms and entryways.

    Choose from fixed models for decorative purposes or vented models when you want additional air flow. Frame choices include natural wood that allows you to paint or stain them to match existing woodwork. Poly frames are also available for those that want a low maintenance option. Now that you know the many options available with octagon windows, you can begin to imagine the different areas where these delightful windows would enhance your home.

    How to Beautify Your Home with Planter Windows

    planter window

    Now you can do more than just take in the scenic view of your well-landscaped backyard with a Meadow View Garden Window from Fixhome. The garden window is often referred to as a planter window. That’s because they can act as a mini green house for growing flowers or herbs and they also allow a deeper view of the outside -- not only out, but up and to both sides. They’re built out with glass on the top and sides with a solid insulated seat board on the bottom. The front side opens out as an awning, allowing plenty of fresh air inside. A removable screen is included to keep out insects.

    This architectural window provides added enjoyment of your property, as well as the monetary value of your home. These are windows people fall in love with for their charm. They just add so much to the space.

    Enjoy the View

    Little things do much to enhance the appeal of your home. Planter windows are one of those things. They’re designed to call your attention to the beauty that’s outside. All that’s front and center, and left and right, are easy to see with these box-shaped frames. It’s peaceful just to stand there and look out over your yard. Perhaps, you can spot a bunny, deer, or an eagle. Install garden windows for a home with a lovely look at the outdoors.

    The Best Places to Install Octagon Accent Windows

    Dominican Leaded Poly Octagon Window

    Windows are a wonderful way to add beauty and value to your home, especially when you install something out of the ordinary. Think about octagon windows for your house – one or more, depending on space and placement.

    Install an octagon in a cozy room in the house. A bedroom is an excellent choice, especially one on the second story of a house with a deeply sloped roof. There’s just enough space for one fabulous window in that triangle.

    Octagon windows often grace the space above a home’s entryway. They call the eye upward from the door. There’s usually just enough room for this bit of architectural appeal in that space.

    Installing an octagon window way up on a wall calls attention to high, vaulted ceilings or a stairway. They also make nice bathroom windows when there’s only space for something rather small.

    Then, There’s the Extended Version

    Even rarer than your basic octagon windows are the extended versions. These elongated octagon windows are stretched out in height. Their resemblance to arched windows inspires some homeowners to use the extended octagon instead.

    Improve your Curb Appeal with Accent Windows

    wooden octagon accent window

    When you want to refresh the appearance of your home and add character and curb appeal, accent windows are an excellent solution. With a variety of styles to choose from, including round, oval and octagon shapes, you can find windows that fit your home’s style.

    More Natural Light

    One of the best reasons to add new accent windows to your home is to increase the natural light in your home. Natural sunlight is not only a mood-booster, but it can also help you reduce your electricity bill because you’ll use your electric lights less. Home-buyers also look for lots of natural light when they select a home, so accent windows add value to your home.

    A Unique Look

    You don’t want your house to look like every other one on the block – you want your home to be unique to you. Adding accent windows gives your home character and a unique look that is all yours. Your home will stand out from the rest and be the envy of the block.

    Many Options Available

    Fixhome allows you to personalize your home with round windows, octagon windows, oval windows, and garden windows in several different finishes and sizes. Create an exterior home design that is unique to you with our accent windows today.


    Choosing a Profile for Your Window Grilles

    bedroom with white window grilles

    Window grilles are a great way to change up your home’s design without having to buy and install new windows. At Fixhome, you can have your grilles made custom for your windows, so you can get a design that fits and blends into the design of your home. There are several different profiles you can choose for your custom window grilles, so let’s take a look at each one.

    Standard Profile Grilles – When slide-by clearance is not an issue, you should go with standard profile grilles. Wood double-hung, casement windows, and wood patio doors, are all great examples of windows that work with the standard profile. 

    Low Profile Grilles – If you have less slide-by clearance, choosing a lower-profile for your custom window grilles is ideal. Vinyl double-hung, glider or slider windows, and vinyl patio doors should be customized with a low profile grille for the best results.

    Premium Profile Grilles – If you have windows from the Marvin Integrity line, or you are looking for a unique look, premium profile grilles are a great choice. These unique grilles come with an invisible fastener system with stylized cope cuts or square end cuts with push pin fasteners.

    Don’t know which grille to choose? Contact our team today to discuss your options. We’ll help you pick a design that looks stunning on your home.