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    How to Dress a Window without Drapes or Blinds

    Kitchen Window with grilles & shelves

    Drapes and blinds are tried-and-true window decorations that work well with many home interiors. However, sometimes you’d rather not hide the view and let the windows themselves act as a defining design element. When it comes to adding character to your windows, you have options. Here are six popular window dressings for home interiors:

    1. Sophisticated Moldings and Casings--These design flourishes give your windows a classic allure without obstructing the view.

    2. Shelving--A popular trend with some homeowners is to install shelving along their windows. This allows you to have more storage space without feeling too boxed in.

    3. Window Grilles--Grilles create an attractive colonial or diamond pattern on the panes with minimal obstruction of the view.

    4. Layered Windows--If you want to decorate your walls without blocking the natural light, try layering your windows with mirrors or paintings. A layered window creates a personalized decorative feel while preserving the sense of openness that sunlight creates.

    5. Black or Dark Green Sashes--Your window’s sashes are the parts that hold the glass in place. By painting the sashes black or dark green, you transform your windows into bold yet elegant frames displaying the view to the outdoors like a work of art.

    6. Interior Hinged Shutters--Hinged shutters provide several benefits while highlighting your decor. They can offer privacy and help to control light. Shutters add value to your home while saving energy costs by adding a measure of insulation.

    Cedar Screen Door Finishes

    Cedar Screen Door Finishes

    Cedar is a classic material in home construction because of its durability, affordability, and design versatility. If you have recently purchased a new cedar screen door, you may be wondering how to finish it. While some homeowners opt to paint cedar doors, others decide to stain them.
    Both paint and stain offer protection and visual appeal and which you choose ultimately boils down to a matter of personal preference. Here are some things to keep in mind, though, when you are making your decision.
    Many property owners love the natural look of wood. With stain, you can preserve the rustic appearance of your cedar while safeguarding it against rot and fading. There are several affordable options for staining your door: transparent, semi-transparent, and opaque stain.
    Since you don’t have to scrape or prime your cedar prior to staining it, this finish requires less work than painting it. However, stain is thinner than paint. So stain will need to be reapplied more frequently than paint would.
    With paint, of course, you can select whichever color best fits your home design. Typically, paint is a little more expensive per gallon than stain. Paint acts as a film over the wood, so it performs more effectively against sunlight and moisture. And since paint is thicker, it will better conceal any blemishes, which may be useful as your cedar door ages over time.

    How to Choose Windows and Accessories for a Ranch-Style Home

    1980s brick ranch house in the suburbs

    People love ranch-style homes for their rustic appeal, modernist materials, and wide-open spaces. They are designed to stay cool in hot climates and foster an easy-going lifestyle. When you choose window and related accessories for your ranch-style home, you must be sure to stay true to that aesthetic.

    The window types most commonly seen on these houses are fixed windows, casement windows, jalousie windows, and awning windows. These styles complement the ground-hugging look of ranch-style homes while also letting in plenty of sunlight. When you examine these buildings, you will notice that they feature many horizontal lines and are simplistic in design. Thus, perceptive homebuilders and renovators avoid the more up-and-down, vertical window styles, as well as novelty shapes.

    The most common decorative window grilles for ranch-style homes are horizontal grilles. That is why pine or vinyl sash dividers from Fixhome are the perfect choice. They can be used horizontally to maintain the look and feel of the ranch-style home. For example, you could divide a large window into long, horizontal panes that emphasize the lines of the house’s overall exterior. Avoid vertical grilles, since these will clash with the design, as well as grilles that create eye-catching shapes. With ranch-style homes, it is always best to keep it simple.

    For further recommendations, talk to the team at Fixhome. We would love to help you emphasize the unassuming beauty of your ranch-style home with the ideal windows and accessories.

    Beautify your ranch-style home with the ideal decorative window grilles. We will help you find the right windows and accessories to enhance your exterior.

    The Best Window Styles for Decorative Grids

    decorative window grids

    Window grids (also known as grilles or grille inserts) are a great way to enhance a wide range of window styles. They give the appearance that your glass is split into smaller panes, adding texture and visual interest to your exterior. However, grids are better suited for some window types than others. The following are some of the popular styles that look exceptionally beautiful with the addition of decorative window grids by Fixhome.

    Double-Hung Windows: Perhaps the most popular window type is double-hung. This style uses two large sashes that slide up and down on tracks. They complement traditional exteriors, as well as more modern homes. With the right grid, you can add additional old-style charm to these already charming features.

    Casement Windows: Unlike double-hung windows that move up and down, casement windows open outwards, allowing you to more efficiently direct a cooling breeze into your rooms. They have an almost pastoral-like appeal, which is only enhanced by adding window grids.

    Fixed Windows: Since fixed windows do not open or close, their core purposes are to invite in natural light and offer a view. Adding decorative grids can take the aesthetic appeal of these windows to new heights.

    Bay or Bow Windows: These types of windows form a unit that extends outwards from the rest of the wall, creating a small nook for reading, dining, and more. Decorative grids make these features even more pleasing to the eye when chosen appropriately.

    Enhance your exterior with decorative window grids from Fixhome. These grids work well with a wide range of popular window styles, including double-hung and fixed.

    Window Mullions vs. Window Muntins: What is the Difference?

    Entrances to townhome apartments

    Many homeowners confuse window mullions for window muntins and vice versa. Even contractors and remodelers are often confused. However, what are they exactly, and how can you tell them apart?

    In essence, both mullions and muntins create decorative window grids -- though often they also serve practical, structural purposes as well. A mullion is a vertical bar that separates complete window units. Modern mullions for home windows are typically made of wood or metal, but not always. While their main purpose is to create an aesthetic divide within the window, they may also provide support for an arch.

    Muntins are very similar but different. Historically, the term “muntin” could be applied to any vertical divider, whether for a window, door, or furniture. Nowadays, you mostly hear it about windows. Builders originally employed muntins to ensure their windows were structurally sound while separating the glass and holding it in place. Unlike mullions, which divide window units, muntins divide individual panes of glass. Muntins came about because it was more affordable to produce small glass panes; while that is no longer the case, they still add character and support to your exterior.

    Are you still confused about the difference between window mullions and muntins? Talk to the team at Fixhome to learn more about these components and all other window parts.