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    Increase Natural Light in Your Home with Accent Windows

    accent windows

    As the population spends more and more of its time indoors, we get less and less natural light. In a way, people are much like plants, requiring some sunshine -- particularly morning light -- for their good health.

    Natural light produces Vitamin D, which strengthens our immune system, and sunshine helps keep our body’s circadian rhythm in sync. As most of us spend so much time inside for work or school, we don’t get all of the natural sunlight we need.

    Using Windows to Increase Light

    One good way to brighten your life is by adding accent windows to your home. The more windows you have, the more light you receive. It’s quicker, simpler, and less expensive to add one of these windows, rather than larger double-hung or bay models.

    An accent window is small enough to fit beneath a peaked roof over the front door or a staircase. Or, you could add a series of these windows, all in a row. This allows rays of bright sunshine to enter your house to lift your spirits and enhance your health.

    Types of Accent Windows

    Think about installing these accent windows in your home:

    • Round
    • Oval
    • Octagon
    • Garden

    Spruce up Your Home with Garden Windows

    garden window with plant shelving

    Have you ever wanted to grow a collection of verdant plants, but always thought that the lack of space would be an issue? Instead of spending money on a full-blown renovation, why not convert one of your existing windows to something that will suit your needs? Garden windows have become a popular addition to homes, thanks to their versatility. In this post, we will talk about the possibilities with this window type.

    The Advantages of Garden Windows

    The garden window is also known as the greenhouse window or the planter window. It consists of four sections, each equipped with a windowpane to let the most amount of sunlight into your new garden area. These additions are popular because they allow homeowners to grow plants or use garden boxes while indoors.

    Garden windows are a striking feature that can elevate a property’s appeal. The frames are available in two colors, white or tan, and a wide selection of sizes, which allows the installation to match seamlessly with other window features. All of these windows come equipped with an awning-style sash to let in the fresh air. Indeed, it is a window that elevates a property’s aesthetic appeal and functionality.

    Since the garden window can let in more sunlight than a standard installation, it is a great way to warm up a specific portion of your home without needing to crank up your heating system. These installations are also highly insulated, so they won’t drastically affect your monthly energy costs.

    Naturally, the garden window gives hobbyists plenty of options. With these windows, you can grow spices, potted plants, and much more. If you are new to gardening, then investing in this type of installation might be a good starting point.

    With garden windows, you add more to your home than just a window, you add style and curb appeal as well.

    Use Weather Seal to Prepare Your Windows for Cooler Weather

    weather seal

    As the cooler months approach, it may be a good idea to take stock of your windows. One of the leading causes of higher energy bills is air leakage--warm, conditioned air escaping through the cracks of windows and doors. To prevent an increase in your HVAC bill, it is highly recommended to invest in weather seal.

    The weather seal, also known as weatherstripping, is a material that seals gaps in windows and doors. By preventing air from escaping your property, it can help you save money on your heating energy costs over time. These are relatively inexpensive additions that you can make that can save you a lot of money in the long run.

    Benefits of Weatherstripping

    There are more benefits to using a weather seal other than keeping energy costs at manageable levels. Many of the most popular types of seal options are made from vinyl, EPDM, and polyfoam. As a result, weather seal systems have more advantages.

    One such advantage is keeping the weather out. Rain and snow can contribute to water damage and the growth of mold, and unsealed openings can let moisture infiltrate your property. Weatherstripping prevents water from getting in, saving you from premature repairs.

    Weather seal also maintains indoor comfort. If you have any gaps in your doors or windows during winter, then it is only a matter of time before you notice the dreaded draft. Applying weather stripping ahead of time can prevent such discomfort from affecting you in the future.

    Weatherstripping is available in different styles and colors, making it easier to blend in with your doors or windows. Visit today to purchase new weather stripping.

    Which Accent Window Shape is Best for Your Home?

    round window

    Windows give your home personality. Standard shapes and sizes show conventionality and tradition, while those of differing forms stress creativity and individuality. Installing accent windows increases the appeal because they add character.

    You don’t want your home to look like every other house in the development. By adding your choice of accent window shapes, your home stands out, adding both beauty and value. You have an assortment of charming shapes to select from. Consider these shapes, which also have variations:

    • Octagon
    • Round
    • Oval

    Selecting the Window Shapes for Your House

    Both the style of the house and the shape of the window influence your selection. For instance, chose an accent window with a circular shape to enhance an ornate Victorian-style home. Place it where there is sufficient space to appreciate its beauty.

    Play around with scale drawings to picture how various accent windows would look in your home and then talk with a company that specializes in these windows before making your decision.

    Dress Up Your Home with Window Muntins

    window muntin

    Would you like to increase the beauty and value of your home? Whether you’re doing this for yourself or because you plan to sell, adding removable window muntins is a wonderful way to accessorize your house.

    You might be more familiar with the term window grilles. These are accessories that change the window’s appearance. You can add visual interest with strips of vinyl or wood that you place right on the glass. You might choose a diamond pattern (in wood only), a Colonial grid that divides the panes into smaller rectangular portions, or simple sash dividers to give a unique look at an affordable price.

    A Project You Can Tackle on Your Own

    Window muntins make an easy and fun home improvement project that you can do. As you well know, it’s the little touches that make a big difference in the way a house looks and feels. With these decorative add-ons, you can make your home the most handsome on the block.

    Look around, and you can find different materials, patterns, and styles to dress up your windows. Complement the style of your Victorian home with wooden diamond muntins, or select a vinyl grid pattern for your Colonial. You can even find curved top grilles that look like half of a sunburst. These are small improvements to add to the enjoyment of your home, sweet home.