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    Dress Up Your Home with Window Muntins

    window muntin

    Would you like to increase the beauty and value of your home? Whether you’re doing this for yourself or because you plan to sell, adding removable window muntins is a wonderful way to accessorize your house.

    You might be more familiar with the term window grilles. These are accessories that change the window’s appearance. You can add visual interest with strips of vinyl or wood that you place right on the glass. You might choose a diamond pattern (in wood only), a Colonial grid that divides the panes into smaller rectangular portions, or simple sash dividers to give a unique look at an affordable price.

    A Project You Can Tackle on Your Own

    Window muntins make an easy and fun home improvement project that you can do. As you well know, it’s the little touches that make a big difference in the way a house looks and feels. With these decorative add-ons, you can make your home the most handsome on the block.

    Look around, and you can find different materials, patterns, and styles to dress up your windows. Complement the style of your Victorian home with wooden diamond muntins, or select a vinyl grid pattern for your Colonial. You can even find curved top grilles that look like half of a sunburst. These are small improvements to add to the enjoyment of your home, sweet home.

    Choosing Octagon Windows for Your Home

    Sunburst Natural Zinc Leaded Glass Wood Octagon Window

    A decorative window can enhance the appearance of your property without the cost of an expensive remodel One way you can take advantage is to go beyond the traditional, rectangular shape and invest in octagon windows.

    These eight-sided portals can easily add another dimension to your home’s aesthetic. You can also frame them with wood or a different material to maximize their style and visual impact.

    There are two types of octagon window, stationary and venting. While stationary octagon windows can be upgraded to decorative glass, they can also look great when displayed with clear glass and colonial window grids.

    To meet the need for more ventilation to a room, consider a vented octagon window.Our units have a roto operator that you can crank out to let air into or out of a room. It is especially convenient to have a vented window for places like the bathroom or an upstairs bedroom.

    When selecting an octagon window, you can choose different materials for the exterior frame. For a classic look, we recommend a wooden framing. You can apply a finish of your choice to match your home’s motif. For a more durable and weather-resistant option, you can choose poly exterior frames, which are also easier to maintain.

    Your options with octagon windows are virtually limitless. Visit or your local home improvement center to learn how you can maximize your home design with new octagon windows.

    Why It’s Essential to Weather Seal Your Windows

    Why It’s Essential to Weather Seal Your Windows

    Windows can provide stunning views and improve your home’s curbside appeal. However, it all comes at a cost--namely to your heating and cooling bills. One way that you can save money on your energy usage is to apply weather seals to your windows.

    Also known as weather stripping, a weather seal attaches to your window or door frame to keep your home’s indoor temperatures consistent throughout the year. In other words, it will aid in keeping the warm air in during the winter and the cool air in during the summer.

    Many homeowners invest in weather seals because of the benefits in relation to their costs. Compare the price of replacing a worn or damaged seal to replacing an entire window, and you will get a good sense of how maintaining your window’s and door’s weather seals can help keep your heating and cooling costs down.

    Weather seals should be replaced every few years, and the best time to do it would be in the springtime. These seals will be on the inside edges of your door and window frames. If you see that they are warped, cracked, or deteriorating, then you should replace them.

    Replacing your weather seals can go a long way in maintaining the comfort and energy efficiency of your property. Stock up on weatherstripping material so that you are ready to make repairs when you need them. Fixhome offers several types of replacement door and window weather stripping.

    Decorative Window Grids Add a Unique Touch to Your Windows

    Tall Rambler Breeze White Poly Venting Octagon Window.

    Once you have decided that octagon windows are the decorative touch you want for your home, it is time to consider all of the options, including decorative window grids. These accessories allow you to customize your windows even further, making them truly unique to your home

    After you have selected the size, shape (standard or tall), glass options, and exterior finish, it is time to choose decorative window grids (also known as window grilles) that accent the style of the room or area in which they are installed. These grids give the look of many smaller panes of glass, much like leaded glass. Window grids are available in a variety of styles, including traditional or colonial styles that give the appearance of smaller square panes of glass. You can also upgrade to a diamond lead tape pattern that will give the appearance of smaller diamond-shaped panes similar to windows you see in Tudor style homes.

    As you can imagine, when you pair decorative window grids with available glass options, you can create a window as unique and distinctive as your home. With these fashionable windows and decorative grid choices, your imagination is your only limit when designing a unique window option for your home.

    Octagon Windows Are Distinctive Accent Windows that You Can Add to Your Home

    Rambler Clear Glass Poly Octagon Window with Removable Grille

    Upgrade your home with beautiful octagon windows. When you want to add a distinctive look to your home, these lovely windows are an ideal choice. These stylish windows add light and style to any room in your home.

    Octagon windows are considered specialty windows and are often used in the design of high-end, custom homes. This historical style has been making a comeback because of the beauty they add to any room. Homeowners often choose standard octagons for kitchens and baths to add an air of elegance as well as additional light. Tall or elongated octagons are ideal for living, dining, and bedrooms as they add a distinctive flair compared to the old standby -- rectangular windows. Tall octagons also look lovely flanking a front door. Octagon windows are available with different glass options, including clear insulated, lead tape and obscured. The obscured glass provides the benefit of light while still providing privacy. This makes it an excellent choice for bathrooms and entryways.

    Choose from fixed models for decorative purposes or vented models when you want additional air flow. Frame choices include natural wood that allows you to paint or stain them to match existing woodwork. Poly frames are also available for those that want a low maintenance option. Now that you know the many options available with octagon windows, you can begin to imagine the different areas where these delightful windows would enhance your home.