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    What to Consider before Getting Garden Windows

    What to Consider before Getting Garden Windows

    If you love to grow your own flowers or herbs, you might consider adding a greenhouse or garden window. Before you rush to call up a remodeling contractor, however, it is important to consider a few things to make sure that your new window will be set up for success. Here are three things to consider before you get your greenhouse window installed:

    1. What Will You Grow?

    Different plants have different requirements. Flowers and small houseplants, for example, will require more space and sunlight than certain herbs and spices. So, make sure you take some time to think about what you want to grow now as well as into the future so that you can make sure your garden window is designed to best support your plants.

    2. Where Does the Sun Enter Your Home?

    When most people think about greenhouse windows, they tend to think about them in the kitchen. But if your kitchen isn’t the sunniest room in the home, it may not be the best place to put your new window. Think about how much sun the plants and herbs you want to grow require, and then consider which rooms in your home best provide that light. Those are the rooms to think about when wanting to add a garden window.

    3. Your Exterior Space

    Because garden windows extend out from your home, they will take up a little bit of exterior space. The bigger the window, the more area it will take up. Take a moment to assess your available space to ensure that your window isn’t going to block other plants you want to keep, walkways, or other areas where you wouldn’t want an obstruction.

    Use E-Lon Weather Strip to Prevent Energy Loss from Doors

    Use E-Lon Weather Strip to Prevent Energy Loss from Doors

    When your doors and windows are closed, that doesn’t always mean you are keeping all of the elements outside. Without the right weather stripping, hot and cool air can still easily penetrate your home and cause your utility bills to climb and your comfort to diminish. Not all weather stripping is created equal either, which means choosing an inferior type can reduce its effectiveness.

    One type of seal that homeowners across the nation have learned to trust is the e-lon weather strip. The e-lon 650 and the e-lon 375 have both proven themselves as impressive upgrades for old hollow bulb, PVC leaf, and q-lon seals. How? Because they are able to provide maximum long-term performance with low compression force. This gives them excellent resistance against compression set so that the foam seals retain their original shape for many years to come.

    These impressive seals are also designed to resist many of the common abrasive elements that can wear them down over time, including wood preservatives. That means they don’t just provide you with the water and air infiltration resistance you need, but will make sure that you can enjoy a long return on your investment by not needing to be replaced on a regular basis.

    How Door Weather Seal is Essential to Home Heating & Cooling

    How Door Weather Seal is Essential to Home Heating & Cooling

    It’s often the little things that make a big difference. Take weather seal, for example. No one pays any attention to it until they notice chilly air shooting from the door or window, instead of the vents or ducts. This is a red flag that the seal needs to be replaced as its job is to form an air-tight barrier from conditioned air getting out of your house.

    The U.S. Department of Energy estimates air leaks from inside the house boost your energy bill by as much as 20 percent. That’s a lot of money to pay for heating or cooling the outside. To remedy this, take measures such as insulating your home and checking for drafts around the windows and doors.

    Keep Comfortable Year-Round

    Applying weather seal is an easy DIY task to tackle. And you’ll love the resulting energy savings you see on your utility bills. It’s essentially a process of removing the old, cleaning off the area, and applying new sealing material. When you follow the directions faithfully, you’ll get good results.

    This is certainly worth the small amounts of time and money you put into such a project. And one reward is a comfortable and cozy home in the winter and refreshingly cool one in the summer.

    Applying Window Weather Stripping

    Applying Window Weather Stripping

    Have you ever walked by a window and felt a blast of cold air that chilled you to the bone? It’s not that the window is open, but that the weather stripping is old and worn. 

    If you look closely and can see the tatters from the old stripping, then it’s time to put on your DIY gloves and go to work.

    First, you need quality window weather stripping from a well-established company. It only makes sense to buy a well-made product, not only to save energy but also to do justice to your hard work.

    Here are some basic steps to replacing weather stripping:

    • Look to see what type of weather strip your window uses. We offer a quality bulb weather strip that uses a kerf application.
    • Remove the old stripping and clean up the area. The best weather stripping is quick and easy to apply and has features that keep the cold air out.
    • Check to see the weather stripping is the correct replacement material and that it fits properly, so the window closes completely.
    • Take care with the measurements. It makes sense to measure twice. This saves you from wasting product.
    • Use the right tools, such as a sharp utility knife.
    • Apply the weather stripping, pressing it firmly into place. This prevents the backing from sticking to the glass.

    Window weather stripping is an effective solution to keeping your family comfortable during the winter and reducing the cost of your energy bills. Here’s to an easy and successful DIY project.

    Why Install A Cedar Screen Door?

    Why Install A Cedar Screen Door?

    Installing a cedar screen door on your lake cabin, patio house, or 3 season porch could provide a lot of value for a low initial cost. If you invest in a good quality cedar screen door, you can expect it to last several decades. Consider these appealing benefits when deciding if you should install a cedar screen door:

    Ventilation without the Bugs

    Having a cedar screen door means you can open the front door and allow a nice cross breeze to enter without letting in irritating insects. Plus, if you have pets, the screen door prevents them from running outside.

    Increase Home Value

    Whether a cedar screen door adds a little to your home’s asking price when you sell it, or it simply boosts your home’s curb appeal, they are both an increase in property value. Many appealing versions come in colors and designs to match your home’s exterior.

    Protect Your Front Door

    A cedar screen door also protects the paint or prevents windows in your front door from being damaged by wind-blown debris.