• Save On Garden Windows In The Bargain Shed

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    Save On Garden Windows In The Bargain Shed
    Slideshow image showing 3 Meadow View Garden Windows.
  • Premium Window Grilles Create an Incomparable Finished Look in Your Home

    Large home with Colonial and curved window grilles.
  • Replace Your Aging Wood Brickmould Octagon Window with a Town Light Poly Brickmould Window Today!

    Slideshow Image showing 4 colors of Town Light Windows, White, Bronze, Sand and Black.
  • America's #1 Choice for Window Grille Inserts, Fasteners, Custom Windows and Decorative Millwork Products.

    Bedroom Window with Colonial and Curved top window grilles.
  • Enhance The Appearance And Value of Your Home with Custom Windows and D.I.Y. Window Grille Inserts.

    A hand operated shaper profiling a component for a decorative window.
  • A Wide Variety of Window Grille Fasteners are Available to the D.I.Y. Market for Ease of Installation.

    Non Surround Push Pin inserted in the end of a wood window grille.

Custom Window Grilles & More from Fixhome

When it's time to upgrade your windows, Fixhome stands ready to assist. We offer everything required to boost your home's appearance and value, featuring an array of decorative window grilles and fasteners, complemented by expert advice and service to guarantee successful installations. Do-it-yourself enthusiasts at any skill level will find all the necessary resources to fit our products into their homes.  

Call them window grilles, muntins, inserts, or window grids, Fixhome is your go-to for excellence in quality, affordability, and customer care. Our selection of window grilles and accent windows is designed to support any home renovation endeavor. Whether you're revamping the kitchen or refreshing those dated bedroom windows, count on our team for the essential products and services. 

Our experts are on hand to converse about your upcoming project, ensuring you receive the ideal custom window grilles tailored to your preferences and objectives. For window grilles, octagonal, round, oval, or garden windows, reach out to Fixhome at (952) 230-7252. We're here to supply the guidance or products needed to fulfill your renovation dreams.