How to Measure Your Window To Accept Custom Grille Inserts

The following information will guide you through the measuring process. Accuracy in measuring is very important as Fixhome will build your custom window grilles based on the window dimensions you provide. Please read the following information carefully to ensure a proper fit.

Reading your tape measure


One inch displaying 1/16 increments


Pictured above is a full inch of a standard tape measure. Most tape measures divide inches into 1/16" increments. When providing dimensions to make grilles, measure the window in approximately the same place as the bar would sit in the sash. If your grille pattern has more than one bar in the same direction give us the longest dimension going that direction. It is better the bars be too long than too short. Grille bars can be easily sanded to fit if your dimensions are slightly oversize. Specify the dimensions width & height of your sash or existing grille to the nearest full inch and nearest fraction as indicated by the picture above without going over.

Measuring your sash


Non Surround and Full Surround Visible Glass


The images shown above are representations of a common window sash with a contour stile & rail profile. FixHome offers grilles with a square end cut on non surround grilles and 3 profiles for full surround grilles to best fit your sash. If your window sash has beveled stiles & rails you may wish to specify the grille be made at a larger size and modify the grille to fit. Here are two examples of the right way and wrong way to measure for window grilles.

Correct Way to Measure for Grilles      Incorrect Way to Measure For Grilles

Measuring Criteria

  1. The DLO (Day Light Opening) of the sash should be measured to within the nearest 1/32" of an inch width first then height. There is a field to enter your DLO window size whole inch and fraction for each grille pattern located on the ordering page.                                                                                                                                               

  2. Grilles bars have square cut ends and are manufactured 1/32" under the Day Light Opening to allow for sash and paint thickness variations. Custom end work for grilles is not available unless otherwise offered by Fixhome.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

  3. The openings between the bars are called "Lights". Each grille will produce multiple lights in a window sash. (Contact your sales representative for Non Standard Light Patterns)                                                                                                              

  4. All grilles include fasteners. For non surround grilles you can choose from four different fastening devices. Please be sure to select the appropriate fastener for your window. Fixhome will apply the Standard Push Pin unless a different fastener is selected. For full surround grilles Fixhome offers a push pin fastening system.                                                                                                             

  5. NOTE: For Double Hung & Slider/Glider windows make sure you have enough slideby clearance between the glass on one sash and the check rail on the other sash. (See "Check Rail Clearance" below).                                                                                                             

  6. For Double Hung and Slider/Gliders windows that have sash locks, see section below.

Units with Sash Locks

For Double Hung and Slider/Gliders windows that have sash locks, the lock location may be an issue when installing grilles. If you ordering grilles for double hung or glider windows you must check to see if a bar lands at a sash lock location. If so you will need to notify us at the time of ordering that a particular bar must be notched for sash lock and provide the information for dimensions "A" & "B" as indicated below.

Notch Grille Bar End for Sash Lock


For more information on measuring accurately, check out our blog post.