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Garden Windows     Wood Octagons      Poly Octagons      Oval Windows     Round Windows


When it’s time to upgrade your home’s aesthetic appeal, turn to Fixhome. We are a home improvement retailer that sells various accent windows in different styles, including fixed oval and round window units. Thanks to our wide-ranging selection, you have everything you need to update the appearance of your home. Please place an order today or contact us to learn more about our offerings.

When it comes to elevating the look and feel of your property, adding accent windows is a sensible choice. Our products let more natural light into your interior while personalizing your home’s exterior. With the right windows, it is possible to highlight your home’s curb appeal—all while keeping your project manageable and within budget.

Window Shopping Made Easy

Get great variety without breaking the bank. As your home improvement shop, we have many different types of windows in stock and ready to ship. Our catalog includes:

  • Oval Windows
  • Octagon Windows
  • Round Windows

If you are looking for a way to introduce gardening into your lifestyle but are concerned about space in your backyard, we have something for you. Our catalog also includes garden windows in different sizes and configurations. Garden windows allow you to add potted plants to your interior space, where they are allowed to soak up more sunlight. Since the plants remain indoors, it is easier to take care of types that require more stringent sun or watering requirements.

Order With Confidence

When people think of home improvement, they think of making changes for the better. When you order any of our accent windows, you can feel good knowing that you are making a positive investment. All of our windows are made in the United States with the highest-quality materials. These windows are built to last and are easy to maintain, ensuring you have products that will serve you well for years.

Our company in Elk River, Minnesota, serves customers nationwide. Place your order for new windows today, or contact us at (952) 230-7252 to discuss your project with our team. The delivery charge is included in the pricing of all our products, ensuring you know exactly what you will pay when placing your order.