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How Do Weather Seals Work?

Weather Seal

Most homes have drafts and air leaks somewhere—typically around the edges of windows and doors. While these tiny cracks may not seem like a big deal, they can cost you a lot over time as they make your HVAC systems work harder. Plus, they offer easy access to insects and foreign pollutants. Fortunately, you can insulate your home with an easy-to-use product: a weather seal.

Weather seals (also known as weather strips) help prevent unwanted air flow as well as the intrusion of insects, and pollutants. While they come in different varieties, they all work by filling in the open spaces. 

DIY Weather-Stripping

Before weather-stripping your home, first, make sure you really need it. There are a few different ways you can check your doors and windows for gaps; we recommend the flashlight method. When it is dark, have a partner shine a flashlight along the edges of your doors and windows. As they do so, check from the inside if you can see any light coming through a gap. You should consider adding a weather seal anywhere the light shines.

The exact method for weather stripping will depend on the type of product you use. Some popular options are V-seals, felt, foam tape, door sweeps, and rubber tubing. A little research to determine the best solution for your home can go far to keep your home comfortable and also save money in the long run.

How to Dress a Window without Drapes or Blinds

Kitchen Window with grilles & shelves

Drapes and blinds are tried-and-true window decorations that work well with many home interiors. However, sometimes you’d rather not hide the view and let the windows themselves act as a defining design element. When it comes to adding character to your windows, you have options. Here are six popular window dressings for home interiors:

1. Sophisticated Moldings and Casings--These design flourishes give your windows a classic allure without obstructing the view.

2. Shelving--A popular trend with some homeowners is to install shelving along their windows. This allows you to have more storage space without feeling too boxed in.

3. Window Grilles--Grilles create an attractive colonial or diamond pattern on the panes with minimal obstruction of the view.

4. Layered Windows--If you want to decorate your walls without blocking the natural light, try layering your windows with mirrors or paintings. A layered window creates a personalized decorative feel while preserving the sense of openness that sunlight creates.

5. Black or Dark Green Sashes--Your window’s sashes are the parts that hold the glass in place. By painting the sashes black or dark green, you transform your windows into bold yet elegant frames displaying the view to the outdoors like a work of art.

6. Interior Hinged Shutters--Hinged shutters provide several benefits while highlighting your decor. They can offer privacy and help to control light. Shutters add value to your home while saving energy costs by adding a measure of insulation.

Spring Remodeling Season

Spring Remodeling Season

Daylight savings has come and gone, which means that longer and warmer days are just around the corner. Spring is traditionally a time of change and renewal, making it the perfect time of year to fix worn or broken screens and windows, or finally make the home improvements you've been considering over the winter. 

Wear and tear from months of harsh winter weather may have taken a toll on your home. Warm weather means grilling, bonfires, and kids running in and out of the house. Get ready for your family's favorite summer activities by replacing that worn screen door

Have you been waiting winter out to sell your home? Window grid inserts are an easy and quick way to make sure your home is looking its best. If you have any damaged or missing window grilles, now is the time to replace them. Or, if you're just looking to change things up, update plain glass kitchen cabinet doors with grilles to give your home a refreshing new look.

It's also the perfect time to install an accent window. Furnish a room with a venting window to open up and let the sunlight and fresh spring breeze in. Decorative round & oval windows will bring new life to your home, and installing a garden window will make any room feel more spacious.

Get a head start on spring remodeling with Fixhome, and stay posted for's upcoming spring sale!

Decorative Windows: Form and Function

decorative windows add interesting element to your home design

window that opens to add ventilation

Are you looking to replace your old windows, or illuminate a room in your home with an additional window?

Add a stylistic touch to any space in your home with a decorative window. Decorative windows add value to your home through both form and function, bringing architectural detail while also allowing in light. Fixhome offers stationary custom decorative windows in oval, round, octagon, and tall octagon shapes. These unique window shapes are also available in venting, a great option if you want to open them up for ventilation in your home.

oval and tall octagon custom decorative windows add unique style to your home

Install a round window to your gable roof or dormer window to break up the monotonous exterior of your home, and bring air flow to the interior. If your home has high ceilings, an octagon window installed as a skylight will add height and offer view of the sky and trees.

Oval windows add charm and support a traditional sense of style, while the angular octagon windows feel modern and geometric. Bring in an interesting window to add a decorative accent to any room, or use the window as the focal point.

Obscure, interesting window styles bring visual detail while also making your space feel large and open. With Fixhome's custom windows, the possibilities are endless. Whether you want a decorative window to match your unique style, or something to fit into the architectural style of your home, Fixhome will have a window for you.

How To Assemble & Install Your Window Grille Insert

How To Assemble & Install Your Window Grille Insert



At Fixhome, we're dedicated to making the process of ordering, assembling, and installing window grilles as easy as possible. Check out this new video that goes through window grille installation, from when you receive your package in the mail to putting the finished product in the window!