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    Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Energy Efficient Glass

    Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Energy Efficient Glass

    While shopping for windows on Fixhome's website, you may notice that there is a glass option called "Low-E". Low-E is short for Low-Emissivity, meaning that this window glass doesn't allow much heat to pass through it. This eco-friendly glass has an invisible coating on it which allows visible light through the window, but keeps infrared waves, which transfer heat, out.

    Windows are the main cause of heat loss from your home in the winter, and cool air loss from your home during the summer. Not only does this make your home less comfortable, but it is also incredibly inefficient. As a result of this loss of heat and cool air through your windows, homeowners end up spending more money on energy to heat or cool their homes.

    With Low-E glass, homeowners can cut their heating and cooling costs, and maintain a more comfortable climate within their home. Though the Low-E option may cost more upfront, a reduced energy bill every month adds up over time. Additionally, Low-E glass adds resale value to your home, as the eco-friendly, energy efficient glass will save potential homebuyers money. The windows are particularly appealing to home owners and potential home-buyers who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint. 

    Fixhome offers a Low-E glass option for all of our decorative windows. If you're shopping for new windows or window glass, and make sure to consider this eco-friendly option.

    Shop Fixhome's decorative windows here.

    Keeping Up With Home Design Trends

    Keeping Up With Home Design Trends

    Interior design trends change every year. The New Year is still a month away, but bloggers, designers, and stylists are already figuring out what the hot trends of 2019 will be. Trying to stay stylish when trends change so quickly can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to your home. After taking stock of some of the year's upcoming design tendencies, Fixhome found that custom decorative windows and window grilles will always have a place in the home, regardless of where the trends go.


    According to HGTV, Benjamin Moore's Metropolitan (gray), Behr's Blueprint, and Sherwin-Williams' Cavern Clay are going to be the top colors of 2019. Meanwhile, Decor Mag is calling "Nightwatch green" the color of the year. Regardless of what color you decide to paint your kitchen, living room, or trim, Fixhome's window grilles can be painted or stained to match.


    Pattern trends can be hard to keep up with and tend to cycle in and out quickly. Elle Decor says Ikat and geometric patterns have been overused but florals are in this year. Meanwhile, Decor Mag argues geometric and tribal patterns are still in. Thankfully, choosing a pattern is easy when it comes to window grilles. Not sure if you prefer colonial or diamond patterned grilles? Check out our guide on choosing the right window grille style for your home.


    The most consistent advice across all the sources and articles about 2019's interior design trends was to incorporate more greenery into one's living and working spaces. Sometimes this was encouraged through green colored paints or fabrics, but many stylists pointed towards bringing more plants into the home. Succulents may have been a hot trend in 2018, but as Interiors Online writes, plants will never go out of style. That means you can't go wrong with Fixhome's garden planter window, which is the perfect way to bring some green color and life into your home.

    Whether you love to keep up with design trends, or prefer timeless design, decorative windows and window grilles will fit in with whatever inspires you. We know one thing for certain: maintaining a finished and comfortable home never goes out of style.

    Window Grilles Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

    Window Grilles Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

    Selling your home? One major factor in successfully selling your home is the house's curb appeal. Curb appeal refers to how attractive your home appears to onlookers from the street. It is the first impression your home gives to potential buyers, and is important to get right if you want to draw interest in your house. One easy way to add curb appeal to your home is with window grilles. Window grilles are a low cost investment that are easy to install, and quickly transform the facade of your home to be much more eye-catching to passerby and potential buyers.

    Window Grilles & Curb Appeal


    What's In A Name? A Window Grille Vocabulary Lesson

    window grilles add value to your home


    A muntin is a bar that separates two panes of glass within a window, helping to hold the window glass in place.


    A mullion is a bar that separates units of windows. 

    Sash Divider:

    A sash divider is an individual bar that divides panes of glass in a window. A sash divider is different than a muntin in that it is not physically dividing the glass, but is placed on top of the glass to create the appearance of a divided window.


    A window grille (also called a window grid) is a collection of sash dividers that are bound together. Window grilles do not actually separate panes of window glass, but sit on top of one big window pane and create the appearance that the glass is divided into diamonds, rectangles, squares, or other shapes.


    A window grate is a frame made up of intersecting parallel and vertical bars. It is usually made out of iron or other heavy metal material, and is often used for security purposes.

    Divided Light:

    A divided light window is made up of several individual panes of glass that are held together by muntins.

    Stimulated Divided Light (SDL):

    A stimulated divided light window is made up of one pane of glass that has a window grille placed on top of it, creating the illusion of divided window panes.