How a Weather Seal Protects Your Home

Weatherstripping in a roll

Doors and windows give access and light and help keep bugs and the elements out of your home, but they aren’t able to do all of the work by themselves. What helps these entryways do their job effectively is if they have the proper weather seal around them.

This important, but commonly overlooked, addition is what truly closes up all of the little cracks and openings that can become an expressway for bugs, water, and allergens into your home.

When you have a professional handyman come and install a weather seal around your doors and windows, you are taking that extra step to make sure that your property is the comfortable and safe environment in which you want to live. Some of the different ways one of these seals can help you improve your home include:

  • Helping to Keep Insects Out
  • Reducing Allergens, including Mold, Pollen, & Dust from Entering your Home thus Improving Air Quality
  • Improved Heating, Cooling, & Humidity Control
  • Helps to Eliminate Water Leaks, Air Drafts, & Mildew Build-up

With a list like that, it is easy to see why more and more homeowners are making sure they have the right type of weather-stripping and seals around their homes.


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