Benefits of Having Window Grids

6 Light Pine Colonial Window Grille

If you’re contemplating getting window grids for your home, here are some considerations to help you make a decision. Like any architectural design, window grids have many strengths.

Grille Types and Patterns

There are several different types of grilles including wood, vinyl and aluminum but all have the same job, to give the window the appearance of many smaller panes. Grid light patterns can vary from diamond shapes to a regular square Colonial pattern and offer varying sizes of rectangles.

Window grids can be sandwiched between the panes of glass. Window grids made this way make for easier cleaning. Superficial (surface applied) grids are bars that are placed against the glass for visual effect but serve no other function.

Benefits of Window Grids


If your window is damaged by breakage or seal failure and the grille is intact, the grille can be easily removed and reattached after the glass has been repaired. If the grille itself becomes old or damaged, a replacement grille is much less expensive to replace.


Window grids are an excellent aesthetic option for traditional architectural styles and are effective for adding instant vintage charm to a home's look. Certain other styles are also compatible with modern architecture, particularly frames with very thin strips and a large glass-to-frame ratio. Regardless of grid design, these windows capture attention with their distinctive looks and add character to bleak views.

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