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Give your window the classic look of a Colonial divided light. Wood Grille: Paint it, Stain it, Customize to match your décor. Fasteners are included. Removal is simple to make cleaning your window a snap. Ordering is just as easy, select your choice of surround profile and specify your visible glass dimensions, then click "Add To Cart"!

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Our window grilles are custom made to fit the dimensions provided by you. Click here for information about our Return Policy

Application: For windows with wood interior sash. Interior use only.
Total Lights: 8 
Pattern: 2 Wide x 4 Tall or 4 Wide x 2 Tall Colonial
Material: Pine
Fastener: Push pin – clear plastic with stainless nail

NOTE: For upper sash grilles that require a sash lock please call 952-230-7252 for instructions on how to provide sash lock notch information.