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If your window has decorative moulding within the sash, a cope cut will give the most finished look for your window. For further guidance, see image 1.

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Premium Colonial Pattern grilles have features not available on our standard grille inserts, such as cope cuts for an incomparable finished look in your window. Our cope cut is a 1/4" radius that blends nicely for a wide range of decorative mouldings. Also available on the premium grille is a hidden fastener system which ensures a secure fit while keeping your look stellar.

For the Marvin Window enthusiast, our 7/8" wide x 15/32" profile is reminiscent of the profile once used on their Integrity line of windows. 

The pine grille is unfinished, ready for your unique taste in either paint or stain finish. Removal is simple to make window cleaning a snap. Interior use only. 

Premium grilles are custom made to your specification, so make sure to specify your visible glass "width" x "height" dimensions.

Our window grilles are custom made to fit the dimensions provided by you. Click here for information about our Return Policy

Application: For stationary transom, casement and double hung windows with wood interior sash.

Pattern: 4 Wide x 6 Tall Colonial, 6 Wide x 4 Tall Colonial


  • X1-Pine Double Sided 7/8" wide x 15/32" tall
  • X2-Pine Beveled Front 7/8" wide x 15/32" tall

Please call 952-230-7252 if you have any questions, and we will be happy to assist you.

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