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Inserts for Colonial Grid Windows

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Non-surround grilles are available in “standard” or “low” profiles and full-surround grilles are available in "standard" profile only. 

Here's a brief video of what to expect when your non surround window grilles arrive.

Small details can make or break a homes’ style. When it comes to your windows, having the right inserts to create and maintain a timeless look is essential. At Fixhome, we make sure you always have the products you need to embrace the beauty of your home. Our inserts for colonial grid windows are the perfect solution for both standard and low profiles. Compatible with countless window brands, they're available in pine profiles (M, L, N, O, and S3) or oak profile (M).

If you think that slide-by clearance might be an issue then take advantage of our thin wood profile (S2- pine) or vinyl profile (S-Vinyl) bars to get the look you need without worrying about the grille interfering with the operation of your window. Our selection lets you enjoy the iconic simplicity of colonial design -- and we can even custom-craft inserts for special cases. Our window grilles are made to order, and all standard colonial and low-profile grilles usually ship in just seven business days.

Ensuring Your Satisfaction

Whether you order standard, low-profile, or custom decorative window grilles, count on our team to make sure you get the best possible quality and service. From giving you one place to handle all your shopping to making sure your products ship on-time, we make it our mission to simplify your home improvement projects. Reach out to us today for help with any part of your order.

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