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As a homeowner, you know that windows are one of the main areas where your home loses energy. This, unfortunately, can result in higher-than-expected heating and cooling bills. However, there is an easy solution to this problem: high-quality weather seal from Fixhome. Weather seal works by sealing the gaps that appear between frames and their respective windows and doors, thereby reducing the likelihood of hot or cold air escaping from your home. With the appropriate weather stripping, you can keep your favorite living spaces at the ideal temperature from January to December. For the maximum benefit, be sure to choose the right type of weather seal for your home.

Choosing the Right Weather Seal

There are many options when selecting weather seal, including reach, profile, and color. E-Lon 650 door weather seal is known for its tall reach, whereas E-Lon 375 features a much lower profile. You can also select hollow bulb weather stripping for your doors or windows. A window and door expert can help you determine which of these features is most important for your space. Fixhome also offers three different colors of E-Lon to choose from—white, beige, and bronze—and recommends selecting the color that best complements or blends in with your existing décor.