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Window Accessories

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Accessories are designed to fit Fixhome Wood Octagon Windows


Homeowners have a wide variety of options to choose from when it’s time to purchase new windows. In addition to the shape, glass, and color, you can consider window grids as well. Window grids are the strips of wood or vinyl material that go across the glass, giving the illusion of smaller glass panes. Fixhome offers an assortment of accent window accessories that will help complete an accent window installation in your home.

At Fixhome we offer several types of window accessories:

  • Custom size window grille inserts
  • Bulk grille fasteners
  • Fixhome accent window jamb extensions and trim kits
  • Fixhome polyurethane round and oval window grilles
  • Custom size replacement octagon window sash with glass

Installing removable window grilles is a cost effective way to enhance the appearance of your home.  The cost of installing removable window grilles as opposed to purchasing windows with true divided light grilles or grilles between glass are pennies on the dollar and our removable grilles can be replaced if they are damaged. We help make your home beautiful with all our accent windows and available accessories. Contact us today to find out how you can easily transform your windows from ordinary to extraordinary.