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Made In The USA Is More Than A Slogan

Look to for your next accent window, where Made in USA is more than a slogan.  Many times you see “Made in the USA” as a slogan, where it is just window dressing used to drive sales.  That is not the case for us at  Since new ownership took over in 2012, we deliberately moved all sourcing and manufacturing to the United States.  It was a 5 year journey; it was an expensive journey; and it is a journey we are not sorry for taking. 

 Made In USA

The result is, when you purchase from, you are doing business across small towns all over this country.  We moved our sourcing to small towns in Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Oregon.  The majority of our components  for our line of accent windows come from small companies in these small towns, not big multinationals.  We ourselves are a small company in a small town.   

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And, these small towns and small companies are vital to our nation, states and communities.  We have all seen how the changes of the past 30 years have hollowed out our countryside.  So, we believe that it is for America’s common good to source and manufacture here.  Each community needs the vitality that small business adds.  These businesses add jobs that support the local families and they help sustain those communities with property taxes, payroll taxes and sales taxes which fund public schools, county services and local economic development.  These small companies also engage to directly volunteer in their communities and support local charities with direct giving. 

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Nothing against our competitors, but the persons and companies in foreign lands are just not doing those things.  Nor, do those folks pay into our social safety nets such as Social Security, Medicare and Unemployment Insurances.  No, they work to the benefit of themselves and their communities, which is as they should.  And, we believe we should do the same for ours. 

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So, when you purchase an accent window, transition window, window grid or even our large garden window through, those dollars are going to small communities across this wonderful country of ours.   When you purchase from, then “Made in the USA” really does become more than a slogan.