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How to Choose Windows and Accessories for a Ranch-Style Home

1980s brick ranch house in the suburbs

People love ranch-style homes for their rustic appeal, modernist materials, and wide-open spaces. They are designed to stay cool in hot climates and foster an easy-going lifestyle. When you choose window and related accessories for your ranch-style home, you must be sure to stay true to that aesthetic.

The window types most commonly seen on these houses are fixed windows, casement windows, jalousie windows, and awning windows. These styles complement the ground-hugging look of ranch-style homes while also letting in plenty of sunlight. When you examine these buildings, you will notice that they feature many horizontal lines and are simplistic in design. Thus, perceptive homebuilders and renovators avoid the more up-and-down, vertical window styles, as well as novelty shapes.

The most common decorative window grilles for ranch-style homes are horizontal grilles. That is why pine or vinyl sash dividers from Fixhome are the perfect choice. They can be used horizontally to maintain the look and feel of the ranch-style home. For example, you could divide a large window into long, horizontal panes that emphasize the lines of the house’s overall exterior. Avoid vertical grilles, since these will clash with the design, as well as grilles that create eye-catching shapes. With ranch-style homes, it is always best to keep it simple.

For further recommendations, talk to the team at Fixhome. We would love to help you emphasize the unassuming beauty of your ranch-style home with the ideal windows and accessories.

Beautify your ranch-style home with the ideal decorative window grilles. We will help you find the right windows and accessories to enhance your exterior.