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The Best Window Styles for Decorative Grids

decorative window grids

Window grids (also known as grilles or grille inserts) are a great way to enhance a wide range of window styles. They give the appearance that your glass is split into smaller panes, adding texture and visual interest to your exterior. However, grids are better suited for some window types than others. The following are some of the popular styles that look exceptionally beautiful with the addition of decorative window grids by Fixhome.

Double-Hung Windows: Perhaps the most popular window type is double-hung. This style uses two large sashes that slide up and down on tracks. They complement traditional exteriors, as well as more modern homes. With the right grid, you can add additional old-style charm to these already charming features.

Casement Windows: Unlike double-hung windows that move up and down, casement windows open outwards, allowing you to more efficiently direct a cooling breeze into your rooms. They have an almost pastoral-like appeal, which is only enhanced by adding window grids.

Fixed Windows: Since fixed windows do not open or close, their core purposes are to invite in natural light and offer a view. Adding decorative grids can take the aesthetic appeal of these windows to new heights.

Bay or Bow Windows: These types of windows form a unit that extends outwards from the rest of the wall, creating a small nook for reading, dining, and more. Decorative grids make these features even more pleasing to the eye when chosen appropriately.

Enhance your exterior with decorative window grids from Fixhome. These grids work well with a wide range of popular window styles, including double-hung and fixed.