Homeowners Associations, Window Grilles, and You

Homeowners Associations, Window Grilles, and You

If you live in a condo, a common-interest development (CID), a townhouse, gated community, or leased land property, it's likely that you pay a recurring fee towards your Homeowners Association. Amongst other things, an HOA will regulate the exterior appearance of the homes within it's jurisdiction. Does your HOA require you to have divided window panes, window muntins, grilles, or grids? Look no further than Fixhome.

Many HOAs will require any window dressings to be compatible with the color, material, and style of the home. At Fixhome, we offer a selection of pine, oak, and vinyl grilles, and DIY inclined customers can paint or stain their grilles to whatever color fits with their home best.

window grilleswindow grilles vinylwindow grilles pine

Fixhome's window grilles are installed on the inside of your windows. They are easy to remove, making it easy to clean both the interior and exterior window glass. Fixhome prides itself on excellent customer service, so if you are unsure about the measurements of your window or which grilles will meet your HOA's standards, we will happily talk to you on the phone and walk you through the process. Even if you aren't happy with the rules of your HOA, Fixhome will make sure that buying and installing your new window grilles will be a snap.

Although perhaps bothersome at times, the rules and regulations enforced by your HOA likely contribute to a higher property value of your home. In the long run, something as easy as installing window grilles will be an investment you reap the benefits of later down the road.

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