Choosing the right window grille for your home

Interior use of colonial window grilles

Window grilles are an easy and quick way to give your home an updated look, and without breaking the bank. So how do you go about choosing which grilles will work in your home? Colonial, diamond, and prairie style window grilles all convey a different sense of style and it is important to choose a grille that fits with your home’s construction and window style and as well as with your interior design taste.


Colonial homes are marked by symmetrical facades, gable roofs, and simple, hand-crafted design. The style originates and is especially common on the East Coast, but is found all across the U.S. It is a classic American architectural style and specific design approaches, such as hardwood floors, double hung windows, and use of stone or brick will fit best in this type of home. Fixhome's Colonial window grilles will enhance both the interior and exterior look of your colonial style home.

Colonial window grille example

Above, see how a colonial style home looks without grilles, on the left, and with grilles, on the right.

The Colonial grille pattern is not limited to use in Colonial style houses. Gregorian style homes, popular in the southern region of the United States, are also very compatible with colonial window grilles.

Colonial grilles can also be used to spruce up the interior of your home. Above, one of Fixhome's customers shows off their glass cabinets, newly updated with colonial grilles.

See more examples of the Colonial look here.


The Prairie home style is characterized by stonework, low-lying hipped roofs, and an emphasis on horizontal lines. Prairie style architecture is seen mostly in the midwest, and was brought to prominence by Frank Lloyd Wright in the early 20th century.

Prairie style homes typically have casement windows in long rows, creating the effect of a glass wall. Prairie style window grilles are the perfect option for showcasing this artful use of glass. Fixhome offers two prairie grille options, in standard profile or low profile, and in pine or vinyl. These grilles are a great way to add a stylistic touch to your windows while allowing the glass to remain the focus of attention.

Prairie style window grille pattern

Above, Fixhome's prairie style window grilles add a stylized touch to double hung windows.

See examples of Prairie style here, and find even more design inspiration here!


Diamond pattern window grilles bring a strong geometric style to your windows. The diagonal sashes and muntins are suitable for a number of different architectural styles and design tastes. 

Tudor style homes are marked by steep roofs, half-timbering, use of brick, and decorative entryways. Diamond pattern window grilles will look right at home in the clustered windows of Tudor Revival architecture.

Another style that diamond grilles are well suited for is Victorian. Victorian style homes, which emerged during the later half of the 19th century, are often very large with wraparound porches, tall ceilings, and elaborate details. The detailed geometry of a diamond window grille will fit seamlessly into your Victorian style house.

Want to use diamond grilles in your home but not sure how? Check out some design inspiration here.

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