Pine Full Surround Window Grille - 29-1/4" x 24-9/16" 3W2H - Primed White

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This Full Surround Pine Window Grille was ordered and cancelled before it could be shipped and now it is waiting for someone to give it a home. The price has been reduced to sell so now's your chance to scoop it up. It may not be the exact size you need, but it doesn't have to be used in a window. It could be used in a light box to simulate a window. It could be used as a wall decoration. Some creative person could find a use for it, we're sure! Here are the particulars...

Design Features Include:


  • 29-1/4" x 24-9/16


  • 6 Light - 3 Wide x 2 Tall.


  • D-Surround - 3/8" x 9/16"
  • S3-Pine Grille - 7/8" x 9/16"


  • Push Pins


  • Primed White (image is unfinished natural pine)