LCS-017 Full Surround Pin Size: 1-1/32" x 1/8"

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The LCS-017 Full Surround Push Pin fastener is designed to be used with full surround grilles. The pin has a 5/16" nail projection that contacts the wood frame holding the grille firmly. Push Pins are sold in Lot Quantities of 25, 50, and 100.

Product Details

This fastener is injection molded with clear polycarbonate for strength and thermal resistance. The metal pin projection is 5/16" and is zinc plated for weatherability.

Pin dimensions:Overall Length = Approx. 1-1/32"

Nail Protrudes - Approx. 5/16"

Shank length including head = Approx. 23/32"

Shank Diameter = Approx. 1/8"

Use with grommet LCS-016
To purchase higher quantities call 952-230-7252.