E-Lon 650 Door Weather Seal - 17'


Product Description

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E-Lon 650 Door Weather Seal is composed of open-celled foam and a polyethylene liner which provides maximum long term performance with low compression force, and resistance against compression set. Retains its original shape year after year to maintain an excellent weather seal. E-Lon-650 has a fully wrapped insert which offers maximum protection against wood preservatives. 

Shipped in either 17' lengths, enough to seal one 3-0 x 6-8 door or 1000' roll boxed and is available in 3 standard colors: white and bronze.


  • Compression: Recommend 50% Minimum 10% Maximum 40%
  • Standard Pack: 17' (rolled ready to cut and install)
  • Full Box: 1000' roll 
  • Tolerance: +/-1"(25.4mm). 
  • Fire & Smoke Rating: UL rated up to 20 minutes
    • Equates to a category "J" rating
    • UL certification to 1784 standard
    • Equates to a category “H” rating for the gasket
    • Having the “H” rating will allow customers to use the gasket in door assemblies that are rated for smoke and draft (an “S” rated door system).
  • Water Absorption: Float - 0.4% , 1” Wick - 1.0%, Submerge - 5.4%
  • Installation: One profile seals the strike side, hinge side, and header.

Other Information: 

  • Kerf Width: 0.125"(3.2mm);
  • Kerf Depth: 0.438"(11.1mm);
  • Rabbet Depth: 2-1/8"(54mm);
  • Reach: 0.65"(16.5mm)

The liner is exceptionally durable and extremely tough, plus paints and varnishes do not adhere to it. Additives in the liner inhibit the effects of UV light on Q-Lon weather seals. CFC free.