KD-EZ Fit 1/2 Round Grille 3 Spoke

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Product Description

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This specially developed system allows easy fitting of a 3 Spoke Grille into half round or arch top window units. The system features a solid grille hub that is slotted to accept our pattern "L" (5/8" wide x 9/16" tall) standard pine grille bar.

All grille bars furnished are 47" long and have a compression spring inserted in the end of the grille bar that fits into the grille hub. The spring will compress 1/2" allowing for approximately 3/8" tolerance in fitting the grille into your window. This system will permit one standard size grille to be trimmed to fit all half round windows up to 8' in diameter (4' radius).

Complete installation instructions included. Available unfinished in Natural Pine or upgrade to Pre-Finish Primed in White or Gray

Product Details

Installation Kit Includes:

  • 1 - 3 Spoke Pre-Routed Pine Hub (size: 7" wide x 3-7/16" tall x 1" deep)
  • 3 - Pine Bars (size: 5/8" x 9/16" x 47")
  • 3 - Compression Springs (pre-inserted)

To cut bars to length:

  1. Set hub at center of bottom corner jamb stop against the glass
  2. Measure distance from outside edge of hub to edge of glass on each radial.
  3. Add 1-3/4" to measurement and cut to length on end opposite spring.
  4. Push the spring end of the bar into the hub and the spring will compress leaving enough tension to secure the grille into the window.