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    Window Grille Fasteners

    Your Choice for Grille Fasteners

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    If your window has grilles, we have a broad selection of window grille fasteners and window clips. Our inventory carries non-surround and full-surround fasteners that are certain to keep your window grilles in place. We offer the options of metal and clear plastic grille push pins to suit most grille installation applications. The plastic is made from clear polycarbonate, which makes it durable and heat-resistant. For your convenience, we offer our grille fasteners in quantities of 25, 50, and 100 pins; your window grille installation will go much smoother with easy access to these essential accessories.

    We are dedicated to supplying you with high-quality grille fasteners to keep your window grilles secure. Our grille fasteners and window grid clips are always available in our inventory and work with many different window brands.

    After many years in the business, we know what our customers need most for their windows. We want to be the resource for the window accessories you turn to for a quick and easy way to find exactly what you need. Contact us today for more details about how our products can benefit you.