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    Window Grille Fasteners

    Grille Fasteners for Non-surround and Full surround Window Grilles

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    There are many window manufacturers in the United States that produce removable window grilles. Most grilles are held into the window with some type of mechanical fastener. Fixhome offers a wide variety of non-surround and full surround grille pins designed to work with many brands of windows.  The non-surround grid pins fit bars that range from ½" wide up to 7/8” wide grille bars. Full Surround pins range in length from ¾" up to 1-7/32”.  You can also find replacement grommets (sleeves) to replace worn parts from repeated use. 

    Our clear plastic grille push pins are manufactured from injection molded clear poly-carbonate for strength and thermal resistance. All mechanical grille fasteners are sold in lot quantities of 25, 50, and 100 pins. We also offer an adhesive fastener called Dual Lock. This adhesive back fastener is somewhat similar to Velcro except that it interlocks face to face with itself. This fastener works very well with vinyl and low-profile wood grilles painted a light color. 

    Fixhome also offers replacement stainless steel concealed clips for full surround snap in grilles. These are available in two profiles; 0.310 and 0.263 tall profiles for grilles with varying thickness.