Which Accent Window Shape is Best for Your Home?

round window

Windows give your home personality. Standard shapes and sizes show conventionality and tradition, while those of differing forms stress creativity and individuality. Installing accent windows increases the appeal because they add character.

You don’t want your home to look like every other house in the development. By adding your choice of accent window shapes, your home stands out, adding both beauty and value. You have an assortment of charming shapes to select from. Consider these shapes, which also have variations:

  • Octagon
  • Round
  • Oval

Selecting the Window Shapes for Your House

Both the style of the house and the shape of the window influence your selection. For instance, chose an accent window with a circular shape to enhance an ornate Victorian-style home. Place it where there is sufficient space to appreciate its beauty.

Play around with scale drawings to picture how various accent windows would look in your home and then talk with a company that specializes in these windows before making your decision.

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