Spruce up Your Home with Garden Windows

garden window with plant shelving

Have you ever wanted to grow a collection of verdant plants, but always thought that the lack of space would be an issue? Instead of spending money on a full-blown renovation, why not convert one of your existing windows to something that will suit your needs? Garden windows have become a popular addition to homes, thanks to their versatility. In this post, we will talk about the possibilities with this window type.

The Advantages of Garden Windows

The garden window is also known as the greenhouse window or the planter window. It consists of four sections, each equipped with a windowpane to let the most amount of sunlight into your new garden area. These additions are popular because they allow homeowners to grow plants or use garden boxes while indoors.

Garden windows are a striking feature that can elevate a property’s appeal. The frames are available in two colors, white or tan, and a wide selection of sizes, which allows the installation to match seamlessly with other window features. All of these windows come equipped with an awning-style sash to let in the fresh air. Indeed, it is a window that elevates a property’s aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Since the garden window can let in more sunlight than a standard installation, it is a great way to warm up a specific portion of your home without needing to crank up your heating system. These installations are also highly insulated, so they won’t drastically affect your monthly energy costs.

Naturally, the garden window gives hobbyists plenty of options. With these windows, you can grow spices, potted plants, and much more. If you are new to gardening, then investing in this type of installation might be a good starting point.

With garden windows, you add more to your home than just a window, you add style and curb appeal as well.

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