Decorative Window Grids Add a Unique Touch to Your Windows

Tall Rambler Breeze White Poly Venting Octagon Window.

Once you have decided that octagon windows are the decorative touch you want for your home, it is time to consider all of the options, including decorative window grids. These accessories allow you to customize your windows even further, making them truly unique to your home

After you have selected the size, shape (standard or tall), glass options, and exterior finish, it is time to choose decorative window grids (also known as window grilles) that accent the style of the room or area in which they are installed. These grids give the look of many smaller panes of glass, much like leaded glass. Window grids are available in a variety of styles, including traditional or colonial styles that give the appearance of smaller square panes of glass. You can also upgrade to a diamond lead tape pattern that will give the appearance of smaller diamond-shaped panes similar to windows you see in Tudor style homes.

As you can imagine, when you pair decorative window grids with available glass options, you can create a window as unique and distinctive as your home. With these fashionable windows and decorative grid choices, your imagination is your only limit when designing a unique window option for your home.

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