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The windows that let light into your house say a lot about the family that lives inside. Windows of varying shapes add visual appeal and personality to a home, whether bay, bow, or garden. Another popular style includes octagon windows. With their eight equal sides or elongated tall shape, these windows are eye-catching specialties that add beauty and value to your home.

Choose an Octagon that Appeals to You

There are two basic types of octagon windows. One is the standard shape with eight equal sides making up the octagon. Another is the extended octagon, which is tall. Each has its unique design purpose: to accent the beauty of your home and express your unique taste!

The octagon window, which often comes to mind, is the one that resembles a porthole in a ship. These can be large or small. The large ones make a bold design statement that the neighbors cannot ignore. The smaller ones are perfect for a vaulted ceiling or that inverted-V roof over an entryway.

The extended octagons work well in groups of two or three. Put these close together to form a bow window effect, or space them out on one wall for eye-catching appeal.

You can also find several additional accessories such as jamb extensions, grille inserts or trim kits to make the installation of your octagon windows easier.