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Every home needs the freshness and beauty of plants as an essential element of the décor. Plants add color, as well as fresh air, and soothe the senses, making a space more appealing and healthful. Let us recommend ways to beautify your home with green growing things:

The Charm & Appeal of Planter Windows

When you add a planter window to your home, consider the most popular spot; the kitchen, especially when that window looks out on a landscaped backyard. These windows project from the side of the house and include a glass shelf to fill with inside greenery. Maybe, you would like to place your small pots of herbs here or you could enjoy a display of plants or flowers.

One of the most popular features of garden windows is you can open it up to let in the fresh air, which your plants and family will appreciate.

Potted Plants to Beautify Your Home

You may not be able to add a planter window right now, but there are many things you can do to green up your space. Place potted plants throughout the house help bring the outside inside. If you would like, add flowering plants for a touch of color.

And if your thumb is not green, don’t worry. You always have the option of cactus, which thrive despite neglect, or air ferns that need no tending. Or, just buy some cut flowers to brighten the room.