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Installing Weather Seal on Your Windows Saves Money

Although windows are essential for home and office, they can have a dramatic impact on heating and cooling expenses. There’s always the possibility of gaps letting air in and out. The most efficient way to prevent that is with the addition of a weather seal around your windows.

At Fixhome, we’re familiar with this simple and effective way to save money on your energy bill, and we’re happy to provide information about it here in this post.

Weather sealing really does work. Instead of heating your home and having the warm air escape around a window, or facing the same scenario in summer with conditioned air flowing out, a good seal helps maintain indoor temperatures.

Not only is adding weather seals around windows a way to save money on your energy bills, but it’s also an excellent step to take with your doors. Weather seals and stripping comes in white, beige, black, and bronze to blend in well with your doors and windows.

The best types of seals to consider are those that completely close any gaps and conform to the shape of the surface while providing little resistance. Make sure that you purchase seals that are made with durable polyethylene bonded to urethane foam, as this combination ensures long-lasting service.

Sealing around windows and doors is a step that pays for itself right away. You’ll see the results when you look at your next power bill and are pleased with a notable and welcome decrease.