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There’s a simple way to stop drafts and prevent energy waste around your exterior doors. Door weather stripping kits are the perfect solution to an age-old problem. The areas around the edges of doors have long been sources of drafts and heat loss. Door weather stripping solves this issue and ensures a tight seal. Kits are readily available and reasonably straightforward to install.

What To Install

Door weather stripping kits come with a durable foam strip with an adhesive backer or a metal backer secured with tiny nails. The adhesive backer style is very popular, but over time the adhesive can start to break down and require replacement.

How To Install It

The strip is applied around the door frame in the gap between the frame and the door, so it creates a seal when the door is closed. Because the strip is made of a flexible material, it can seal uneven gaps and ensure the whole frame is draft-free.

Door Sweep Installation

Door sweeps prevent air from passing underneath the door. They are long strips of vinyl, wood, or metal that seal the gap between the threshold and the door. The strips can be cut to length according to the door width and come with screws to secure them.