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    On 25 March 2020, Governor Walz announced a directive for Minnesotans to “stay at home” as a measure to combat the spread of Covid-19.  In the directive, the governor prescribed durations (Mar 28 through April 10), implementations and exemptions.  The following describes the actions of FIXHOME.COM to comply with the executive order. 

    1) FIXHOME.COM commits to taking actions to reduce the spread of the virus.  These actions include voluntary actions in the work place and mandatory actions in compliance with executive orders. 

    2) FIXHOME.COM has voluntarily started internal procedures to improve sanitation and social distancing while in operation.  And, the company has trained personnel to raise awareness of best practice as outlined by government sources.   

    3) FIXHOME.COM will comply with executive order 20-20, “Stay at Home”, in accordance with the directive and allowed exemptions. 

    3.a.) FIXHOME.COM will arrange for work at home to the fullest extent possible.  Tasks will include online training; web design; updating of catalogs and other tasks as may be determined. 

    3.b) FIXHOME.COM will exercise the lawfully allowed exemptions to operate in the following areas: 

    3.b.1.    FOOD AND AGRICULTURE: (ref EO20-20, para 6.c. & CISA)  

    3.b.2.    ENERGY: (ref EO20-20, para 6.d. & CISA) 

    3.b.3.   CONSTRUCTION AND CRITICAL TRADES: (ref EO 20-20, para 6.x) 

    4.)  FIXHOME.COM will work to limit the personnel present during the period defined by EO20-20 to the extent possible.  And, FIXHOME.COM, will commit to maintain best practice within the work space to limit transmission of COVID-19, 

    5.)  FIXHOME.COM commits to support our employees, vendors and customers with all our ability during this time.  Despite our best efforts, there may be some temporary degradation in lead times, response times and overall staffing levels.