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You’ve worked hard to design, create, furnish, and decorate your dream home. Now, all you have left to do are the finishing touches. However, many homeowners forget that their windows also play a crucial role in the overall appearance of their home. But how can you take a plain window to the next level? Your first instinct may be to add window coverings and curtains, but there’s another way that doesn’t involve covering your crystal-clear windows. Window grids are a fantastic solution for adding a touch of class to any space.

Existing Décor

When selecting your window grids, it’s important to consider the look and style of the space. Wooden grids are ideal for adding warmth and coziness to any room. They’re also a great option to complement any space with wooden floors, walls, or furniture. On the other end of the spectrum, vinyl grids offer a clean and modern look that elevates the look of any window.

Window Type

You should also consider the type and shape of your windows when selecting window grids. Rectangular windows are prime candidates for diamond-shaped grids, whereas half-circle windows are perfect for radius top grids. Be sure to ask an expert at Fixhome to help you select the right grids to enhance your windows.